The city Terracina

The beautiful beaches, wonderful ocean and the vivid athmosphere are only a few reasons to why many people choose Terracina for their vacation destination. You'll find a lot of cosy cafés and true Italian restaurants that are open late during the warm evenings. Along the beautiful beach promenade many summer residences, restaurants and hotels are located.

Since fishing is a big part of Terracina and the city's history it's also very common to find this on the menu at most restaurants. Every morning the fishing boats unload the fishes and seafood in the small dock that you'll find in the city. It couldn't possibly be any fresher!

In the charming city of Terracina there's many nice restaurants, bars and cafés. The city has a very relaxed and warm atmosphere - just as its residents. During the summer both tourists and summer holiday visitors from Rome and Naples enjoy what this beautiful city has to offer. Indulge in delicious Italian gelato, real Italian pizza and freshly made pasta. You have a huge selection at your fingertips! 

The Jupier-Anux temple, located on the hill of Monte Giove, has a beautiful view over the ocean and the villages San Felice Circeo and Gaeta. And the beautiful cathedral is probably build upon a temple from the time of emperor Augustus. 

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