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Hotel Poseidon is situated only 50 metres from the beach and 1.8 km to the city centre. This characteristic building has become a landmark as the hotel is built like a ship where the beautiful terrace stretches out over the pool like the bows of a ship.

Spend time on the terrace and have a glass of Italian Prosecco and enjoy the sunset behind the mountains surrounding Terracina.

Near the hotel you'll find a multi-market store, pharmacy, tennis courts, restaurants and bars. The lungo mare (the prom) offers plenty of restaurants and bars.

Hotel Poseidon is run by Ralph Gustafsson and Paolo Ponzi. Both have more than 30 years experience of hotel business so they know how to make you and your family's stay as pleasant as possible.

There is English speaking staff at the hotel.

Hotel Poseidon • Via Piemonte, Terracina, Italy
Tel: +39 (0)773 73 36 60 • Email: hotelposeidon@libero.it